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April 2015
Asparagus Jersey Knight Very productive variety with larger spears.
Broccoli Packman  
Broccoli Premium Crop  
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved  
Cabbage Danish Ballhead Late
Cabbage Golden Acre Early
Cabbage Red Acre Early
Cauliflower Snow Crown  
Cauliflower Snowball  
Celery Utah 52-70  
Chinese Cabbage Pak Choi  
Chives Allium  
Corn Miracle Sweet yellow corn (se+). Pick early for best flavor.
Cucumber Armenian  
Cucumber Burpless #26  
Cucumber Bush Crop  
Cucumber Fanfare  
Cucumber Lemon  
Cucumber Pickling  
Eggplant Black Beauty  
Eggplant Millionaire  
Kale Dinosaur (Lacinato)  
Kale Redbor Edible ornamental, likes cool weather
Kale Scarlet  
Kale Vates Blue Curled  
Melon Ambrosia Hybrid Cantaloupe
Melon Burpee Hybrid Cantaloupe
Melon Crenshaw Melon
Melon Earli-Dew Honeydew
Melon Hale's Best Cantaloupe
Onion Tokyo Bunching  
Onion Walla Walla  
Onion Yellow Sweet Spanish  
Pepper Anaheim Hot
Pepper Ancho Grande/ Poblano Hot
Pepper Big Red Sweet
Pepper Cayenne Long Red Slim Hot
Pepper Chocolate Beauty Sweet
Pepper Garden Salsa Hot
Pepper Ghost (Bhut Jolokai) HOT!!! Over 1 million Scoville Units
Pepper Golden California Wonder Sweet
Pepper Gypsy Sweet - great for fajitas
Pepper Habanero Orange Hot
Pepper Holy Mole Hot
Pepper Hungarian Hot Hot
Pepper Jalapeno Hot
Pepper Mexibell Hot
Pepper New Mexico Big Jim Hot
Pepper Perfection Pimento Sweet
Pepper Red Chili Hot Hot
Pepper Serrano Tampiqueno Hot
Pepper Sweet Banana Sweet
Pepper Thai Dragon Hot
Pepper Yolo Wonder Sweet
Pumpkin Autumn Gold Reliable 10 lb pumpkin with nice orange color.
Pumpkin Big Max Up to 100 lbs
Pumpkin Dill's Atlantic Giant Can grow 500 lbs or more! 
Pumpkin Wee Be Little Small pumpkins fun for kids or table decorations.
Squash Acorn Table King Winter Squash, Bush type, 75 days. AAS Winner
Squash Banana Pink Jumbo Winter Squash
Squash Bon Bon Buttercup Buttercup type Winter squash
Squash Butternut, Early Winter Squash
Squash Green Hubbard Winter Squash
Squash Spaghetti Winter Squash
Squash Straight Neck Summer Squash
Squash Sunburst Scalloped Summer Squash
Squash Sweet Meat Winter Squash
Squash Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
Squash Zucchini Black Beauty Summer Squash
Squash Zucchini Golden Delight virus resistant, Summer Squash
Strawberry Allstar June bearing, excellent flavor.
Strawberry Ft. Laramie Everbearing- large, sweet berries all summer.
Strawberry Quinault Everbearer
Rhubarb Canada Red Bright red stems, sweetest red rhubarb
Tomatillo Toma Verde 70 days, 2-3 oz fruit
Tomato Amish Paste Indeterminate, 80 days, 8-12 oz fruit
Tomato Beefmaster Indeterminate, 80 days, 1-2 lb fruit
Tomato Better Boy Indeterminate, 70 days, 8-16 oz fruit
Tomato Big Beef Indeterminate, 73 days, 12 oz fruit
Tomato Brandywine Indeterminate, 90 days, 8-16 oz fruit
Tomato Burpee Big Boy Indeterminate, 78 days, 10 oz fruit
Tomato Bush Best Boy NEW
Tomato Celebrity Semi-Determinate, 70 days, 8-12 oz fruit
Tomato Cherokee Purple Heirloom yellow-purple color
Tomato Cherry Large Cherry type
Tomato DX-52-12 (Hamson) Determinate, 70 days
Tomato Early Girl Indeterminate, 60 days, 5 oz fruit
Tomato Golden Jubilee Indeterminate, 80 days, 6-7 oz fruit
Tomato Goliath Indeterminate, 65 days, 10-16 oz fruit
Tomato Green Zebra Unique green striped color
Tomato Husky Red Determinate, 67 days, 6 oz fruit
Tomato Jetsetter Great all around performer
Tomato Moby Grape Determinate, 70 days, 1.5"x2" fruit
Tomato Moscow Determinate, 70 days, 8-12 oz fruit
Tomato Patio Determinate, 70 days, 3-4 oz fruit
Tomato Pineapple Indeterminate, 85 days, 2 lb fruit
Tomato Roma Indeterminate, 76 days, 2-5 oz fruit
Tomato San Marzano Roma type paste tomato
Tomato Sun Sugar round yellow cherry tomato
Tomato Supersweet 100 Indeterminate, 65 days, 1 oz fruit
Tomato Yellow Pear Indeterminate, 70 days, 2" fruit
Watermelon Crimson Sweet 25 lb watermelon
Watermelon Sugar Baby 6-10 lb fruit, compact vines