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Our herbs are sold either in 2-inch (36 per flat), or 4-inch (16 per flat).

Name Height Description Light
Anise 24" Leaves and licorice-flavored seeds can be used, tolerates dry heat Sun
Basil, Cinnamon 18-30" Spicy cinnamon scent and taste Sun
Basil, Lemon 18-24" Fresh lemon scent Sun
Basil, Sweet 18" Large leaves with big, sweet flavor, keep flowers pinched off. Great in soups, salads, pesto, sauces, and meat dishes Sun
Catnip 1-3' Perennial, attractive to cats, dried leaves can be used in cat toys, can be invasive if not grown in a container Sun
Cilantro (Coriander) 1-2' Leaves commonly used in Thai, Chinese, and Mexican dishes, the seeds are coriander Sun
Dill, Fernleaf 1-2' Great for canning and pickling Sun
Garlic, Elephant Large, mild garlic
Lavender Phenomenal Lavender 2-3' Zone 5, very hardy, purple blooms attract butterflies, fragrant Sun
Lavender Blue Scent Early 12-14" Attracts butterflies, flowers mid to late summer
Lemon Balm, Melissa 3' Perennial, grow in container to keep from becoming invasive Sun
Lemon Grass 2-3' Great for flavoring salads, fish, poultry, and Asian dishes, light gray-green leaves with a lemony scent Sun
Mint 'Chocolate' 3' Delicious mild chocolate flavor, pinch off flowers to promote leaf growth Sun/Part
Mint 'Orange' 1-2' Attractive herb with aromatic hint of citrus
Oregano 2-3' Perennial, divide in spring. Leaves typically used in Italian dishes Sun
Oregano Hot & Spicy 1-3' Strong, spicy flavor Sun
Parsley, Curled 2' High in iron and vitamin C, use fresh or dried Sun/Part shade
Parsley, Italian Plain 18-32" Uncurled, flavorful leaves Sun/Part Shade
Peppermint 1-3' Spreading perennial, fragrant and flavorful foliage Sun
Rosemary 2-3' Leaves used as a meat rub, marinade, or in other dishes. Bring indoors and keep in a sunny place during winter Sun
Rosemary Arp 1-3' Zone 6, Leaves used as a meat rub, marinade, or in other dishes. Sun
Sage 18-24" Perennial, use leave dried or fresh in stuffing, sausages, and stews Sun
Sage Tricolor 10-18" Attractive to bees and butterflies, use leaves fresh or dried in cooking, gray/green foliage with purple, pink, and white Sun
Savory, Winter 6-12" Annual, use chopped leaves to season meats and vegetables Sun
Stevia Sweet Herb 2-3' Use in place of refined sugar, leaves are 20-30 times sweeter than sugar cane! Sun
Tarragon, French 2-3' Perennial, use leaves dry or fresh, propagate from cutting in the fall for next year's crop Sun
Thyme 10-12" Attractive herb used in a variety of dishes, may be hardy to zone 5 Sun
Thymus creeping Mother of Thyme 2" Great for groundcover between rocks or pavers, lovely fragrance Sun
Thymus Lemon Variegated Thyme 6-12" Great for borders and containers. Lemon flavored foliage Sun/Part