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March 2017
Plant Name Height Zone Description
Andropogon Indian Warrior 5-6' 3 Tall, upright clump turns purple late summer to fall. Full Sun.
Calamagrostis Avalanche Feather Reed Grass 5' 4 Variegated form of 'Karl Foerster'. Non-invasive.
Calamagrostis Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass 5' 4 Very popular, 2001 Perennial of the Year. Non-invasive.
Carex Banana Boat 1' 5 Eye catching yellow color will brighten any container or shady location.
Festuca Elijah Blue Fescue 1' 4 Compact, bright silver-blue foliage. 20" flower spikes in summer.
Juncus Curly Wurly 1' 5 Twisted corkscrew shaped leaves. Likes moisture.
Miscanthus Gracillimus 5-8' 5 Slender green/silver blades turn to gold in fall, red tinted fall plumes, great year round interest
Miscanthus Little Zebra 4' 5 Horizontally striped leaf blades. Lacy purple plumes in late summer.
Panicum Cheyenne Sky 3' 4 Proven Winners variety, easy to grow. Red tipped leaves.
Pennisetum Burgundy Bunny 1' 5 Small red tipped grass with white plumes. Red fall color.
Pennisetum Fireworks 2-3' 9 Variegated fountain grass. Annual.
Pennisetum Purple Fountain Grass 4' 9 Annual. Very popular in planters or landscape. Thrilling bronze-purple.