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Fruit Trees

March 2017
Name Zone Rootstock Description
Apple Colonnade Bolero 4 std. Columnar 8-10' tall by 2' wide, good for small yards.
Apple Colonnade Flamenco 4 std. Columnar 8-10' tall by 2' wide, good for small yards.
Apple Gala Royal Gala 5 sm7 Ripens early August.
Apple Golden Delicious 4 sm7 Best all purpose apple!
Apple Honeycrisp 3   Superior flavor, crisp, juicy fruit. Stores well. Very hardy.
Apricot Chinese (Mormon) 4 std. Self-fertile. Late blooming apricot. Golden-red and sweet. Edible pit.
Apricot Moorpark 5   Self-fertile. Large yellow fruit. Excellent flavor.
Apricot Westcot 3 Lovell Self-fertile
Cherry Bing 5   Black cherry with solid flesh, quality flavor. Needs pollinator (Stella/Rainier).
Cherry Juliet     Natural dwarf
Cherry Rainier 4 semi-dwf. Premium cherry. Red-cream skin, yellow flesh. Requires pollinator.
Cherry Romeo 3 own root 8' tall at maturity. Tart cherry sweet enough to eat fresh.
Cherry Utah Giant      
Combination Fruit Tree     multiple varieties grafted onto single trunk
Nectarine Flavortop      
Peach Canadian Harmony 5 semi-dwf. Large, yellow freestone. New juicy variety with great flavor. Self-fertile.
Peach Elberta 5 Std Large yellow blushed red freestone. All purpose. Self-fertile.
Peach Gleason Lemon Elberta 5 semi-dwf. Local favorite. Yellow freestone, ripens early. Self-fertile.
Peach Newhaven 5   Mid-late ripening. Yellow/ red blush. Freestone, self-fertile.
Peach PF Lucky 13 Flamin' Fury   Lov  
Peach Redhaven 5 Lov Red freestone peach with excellent flavor. Heavy cropper. Very early, self-fertile.
Peach Saturn 5 std. Doughnut peach. White flesh, freestone.
Pear Asian Pear      
Pear Bartlett 5 s-333 Large, golden yellow, highly flavored. Needs a pollinator (Bosc or D'Anjou).
Pear Bosc 5 s-333 Large, russetted fruit. Tender and juicy. Needs a pollinator (Bartlett).
Plum Elephant Heart 5   Large delicious plums. Pollinate with Santa Rosa
Plum Mount Royal 4 std. Self-fruitful, freestone. 10' height great for backyards. 
Plum Santa Rosa 5 semi-dwf. Prolific. Large, deep crimson fruit. Somewhat self-fertile, great pollinizer.

Small Fruits

March 2017
Type Name Zn Description
Asparagus Jersey Knight 3 Very productive variety with larger spears.
Blackberry Chester 5 Thornless and semi-erect. Very sweet, high quality and yield.
Boysenberry Thornless 5 Large black juicy fruit. Thornless.
Gooseberry Captivator 3 Nearly thornfree, sweet purple fruit.
Grape Canadice 5 Early red seedless.
Grape Concord 5 Best juice grape. Seeded purple.
Grape Himrod 5 Early green seedless. Excellent table grape.
Horseradish Horseradish 2 Easy perennial. Dig roots in fall, grate and mix with vinegar.
Jostaberry Jostaberry 3 Gooseberry/black currant hybrid. Produces good-flavored 1/2" black berries. Thornless and very hardy.
Raspberry Fall Gold Yellow fall bearing.
Raspberry Heritage 4 Red fall bearing.The standard. Very good flavor and quality. First crop July, 2nd in Sep.
Raspberry Latham 4 Red summer-bearing. Late June- early July.
Raspberry Royalty Purple
Rhubarb Canada Red 3 Bright red stems, sweetest red.
Serviceberry (Saskatoon) Regent 2 Ornamental edible! Good blueberry substitute for our soils. Sweet dk purple fruit for eating and jelly. Yellow to red fall color.
Strawberry Allstar 4 June bearing, excellent flavor.
Strawberry Ft. Laramie 3 Everbearing- large, sweet berries all summer.
Strawberry Quinault 3 Everbearer